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Assess Your Self Confidence

Before you delve deeper into this site, how do you want to improve your confidence?  Do you want more confidence in your job, in your relationships, with meeting people, or . . .? Knowing your outcome allows you to focus your efforts at the points of your psyche that will have the most profound effect for you.

Ask yourself what areas of your life are you going to improve your confidence in?

Now that you understand your desired outcome, you can focus on this whilst looking through this site and reading the articles and information.

Once you have improved your self confidence, what will your life be like? How will it be different?

Use this quiz to help you understand some of the areas you may wish to improve your confidence.

1)    When considering asking your boss for a pay rise, how do you feel?
a)   So terrified you don’t ask
b)   Nervous and stutter your way through asking
c)   Convinced you won’t get one, but you ask anyway after building up your confidence
d)   Pretty sure you deserve one, slightly nervous at asking
e)   Totally believe you deserve the rise and go in with confidence and in command

2)    You meet someone you really like and you are about to ask them out for a date.  How do you feel?
a)   Too nervous to ask and you let them go
b)   You attempt to stutter out your request, full of nerves, and feel very foolish
c)   You ask for a date whilst feeling really nervous and building up your confidence
d)   Able to ask for the date, but still feeling slightly nervous
e)   You are easily able to ask for a date and are confident and in command

3)    You are sent on a course where you know nobody.  How do you feel?
a)   Sick with nerves and wanting to cancel the course
b)   Very nervous and sit quietly throughout the course
c)   Nervous, and speak to others when they speak to you
d)   You chat to other people and are happy to be on the course
e)   You talk to anybody and everyone and have a great time.

4)    You are given more and more work to do in your job, with unreasonable deadlines.  What do you do?
a)   Frantically work every hour of every day, alienating your friends and family and making yourself sick in your attempt to meet your deadlines
b)   Do as much as you can but the quality of work is low
c)   Stammer an objection to your boss before going to do it anyway
d)   Tell you boss you can’t deal with it all and have some of the work reassigned
e)   Have a big argument with your boss about the unreasonableness of it all and get the deadlines changes and someone to help you

Check your answers against the following list to see what level your confidence level is.

If you answered:

Mostly A’s then you have a very low confidence and will gain some great results from implementing what you will learn on this site.
Mostly B’s, your confidence is below average.
Mostly C’s, your confidence is about average.
Mostly D’s, your confidence is above average.
Mostly E’s, you are a pretty confident person though may find some useful tips from this site.


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